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Erin Elizabeth Reed

Actor | Voice Artist
Writer | Director

SAG-AFTRA-eligible | Dramatists Guild
based in New York


~ as seen on ~

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Although I traveled some, I didn't live outside of Texas until 2014.  In fact, the first eighteen years of my life were spent in a tiny rural town near the Gulf Coast outside of Houston: a farming and ranching community of Czech immigrant-descendants that boasted a tightly contained citizenry and an infinite wet-cotton horizon--perfect for an introspective observer to escape into stories and to dream of both the imagined and real world beyond.

“Erin … [has] an incredible storytelling ability."

~Danielle Ozymandias, co-Artistic Director (2016-17)

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Photo 18 - (l to r) Paul and Erin - Photo by Ed Krieger - RV_p0285 copy_edited.jpg

Erin ... has a commanding presence on stage. She is lovely to watch, tall, and her craft is subtle and remarkable. … [She is] the reason I go to theatre - to see the gems."

~Joe Straw, review of "Red Velvet"


“[Erin is] HILARIOUS at times and beautifully touching at others."

~Marjorie LeWitt, Director

Just Dropped in March:
My Commercial VO Demo!

Exceedingly proud to release my commercial voice over demo reel


Special thanks to Moneen Daley with Mo Vibe Productions and to the crew at Dubway Studios for helping make this latest accomplishment shine! 

Bouquets for Bijeux

The world premiere of my brief play, "QUICK CHANGE," garnered a number of accolades at the Short + Sweet Hollywood theatre festival this past October

The Bijeux Collective celebrates on the red carpet after the FINALS ROUND performance of "Quick Change" at the Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival on October 29, 2022.  L to R: Kseniya Babayeva, Tessie Herrasti, Erin Elizabeth Reed, Joanna DeLeon & Deanna Nicole Shinsky.

Produced in collaboration with the Bijeux Collective--an all-female independent theatre group with cross-cultural heritage and a passion for out-of-the-box stories and forms--"Quick Change" was honored in festival competition with being named a:

  • Judges' Choice Finalist; and

  • People's Choice Semi-Finalist.


What's more, our very own Deanna Nicole Shinsky was nominated for the inaugural Actors' Circle Award (which honors the best individual performers without resorting to gendered subcategories)!

As the Writer / Director, I couldn't be more proud of all our efforts!

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